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When we talk about Business Gifts we are referring to promotional items given to clients as a way of reinforcing a brand identify and relationship building. When you look at the range of business gifts available how do you make sure you get the right gifts for the right businesses?

Sound marketing principles come into play. Look at your target audient (or target market), segment it and then position a product for each identifiable niche. Hampers are a classic gift often given to business people around Christmas time. The range of promotional hampers covers individual ticket gift baskets from £50 to top-of-the range items around £500. If we take a typical organisation and apply segmentation we can see how this principal applies.

Everyone likes hampers and gift baskets and one of the most important people within any organisation is the receptionist. Here we can select a £50. Looking at the typical profile, a receptionist is generally female, health conscious and typically socially minded. For this gift basket we may include a couple of bottles of wine, (one red and one white typically), dried fruits, biscuits and perhaps some beauty products. The basket itself will probably be wicker and so can be used for other items later.

For members of the sales team, the spend on individual hampers may rise to around £100. Here the profile characteristics probably include: male, young, sporty, goal orientated with perhaps interests in travel and so we are looking for hampers with a broader appeal. The gift basket may be more party orientated with chocolates, cheeses, bruschetta, nuts and other nibbles in addition to some decent alcoholic beverages.

As we move up the organisation into senior management and managing director territory our spends increase accordingly. We may have to tailor the baskets for particular sports, a love of a particular country, perhaps organic and Fairtrade type products and where necessary for any specific allergies. The point again is that the spend increases and the contents of the basket increase in quality and quantity accordingly. So for a senior management we may look a top-side budget of £200 or a up to £500 for a managing director.

The beauty about promotional hampers and gifts baskets is that they make ideal business gifts as rewards, where the contents (which typically have a long shelf-life) will be appreciated for some time to come. Whatever the marketing event you are planning we are sure at Redbows that we can help you select the right promotional items for your campaign – and remember our promotional gifts consultants are only a phone call or email away. We are the specialist business gifts suppliers.

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