Promotional Wristbands

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Promotional wristbands are a great way to identify with a marketing cause or to be used as an entry tag into a nightclub or party. We can supply our wristbands printed with your logo or de-embossed where the logo imprint is sunk into the wristband material. Let us know your preferred option and we can quote you. For a wider selection of wristbands please visit our main website and see the Promotional Gifts Store wristbands collection.

Promotional Gift Store wristbands collection

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Looking for a durable, low-cost giveaway that is guaranteed to stand the test of time then look no further than silicone wristbands. Silicone bracelets are an innovative and appealing way to create a mass marketing effect. Silicone wristbands are versatile, and come in a variety of fun colours. They’re popular and people want to wear them as a fundraising and awareness tool. Custom bracelets of many different varieties are still very popular. By designing wristbands with your product name and company logo, you’ll easily reach wide audiences. The flexibility of the bracelets helps you to print or try some popular styles such as embossed or debossed.

Wristbands also serve a great practical purpose at events or festivals. They can be used an innovative new way to ticket events that will also give them something to keep as a memoir of the big day with your brand visibly stamped. With festivals becoming increasingly popular each year, don’t miss out on this great sponsoring opportunity to get your brand out to a wide audience. Silicone wristbands have had broad media exposure in the past when celebrities have been caught wearing them as fashion statements, which truly proves how a popular item can be seen far and wide when you get the product right.

If you cannot find the merchandise you are looking for please do let us know as we have have over 100,000 products available and only show a small selection here. We can also source different coloured items and custom manufacture bespoke products for your campaign.