Promotional Umbrellas

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Promotional Umbrellas from the Redbows collection of everyday, essential business corporate gifts. Click on the any of the umbrellas shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Prices include branding with your imprint and logo. Promotional umbrellas marked “POA” are priced on application. Plain stock umbrellas can also be supplied. For a wider selection of umbrellas please visit our main website and see the Promotional Gifts Store umbrellas collection.

Promotional Gift Store umbrellas collection

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Living in such an unpredictable climate, the likelihood of rain is inevitable, and very often to it seems in the UK. First and foremost branded umbrellas are ultimately useful practically items; they are one of the most popular corporate gifts and sporting products available – all year round. People love items that are free, but everyone is giving away pens and magnets. With promotional umbrellas, people are getting something new and exciting, which makes you stand out above the crowd.

Umbrella designs do vary in their quality and function and choosing the right product for your promotion can ensure the longevity of your marketing message. Every time the umbrella is used your brand will be exposed to a wide number of potential clients. The brand exposure that an umbrella provides is endless. With a maximum of 8 panels that can be branded with full dye sublimation printing technique you can make your brand message as vibrant and explosive as you like, catching the eye of many.

Even when not in use a custom designed and printed umbrella can still advertise your business. Think how many are kept in an office, golf bag or car boot, ready to be pulled out at the slightest hint of rain. Promotional printed umbrellas act as a great walking advertising billboard. They’re great for advertising, much in the same way a t-shirt would work. The average area that promotional item will travel can very much determine the brand exposure you will achieve. You’re doing ten times the advertising as you would be doing with a typical promotional product that gets used once and the wrapper thrown away with your message on for chocolates as an example. Get the most out of your marketing campaign with the longevity a branded umbrella can attain.

As well as its usefulness a branded umbrella has a high perceived value attached to it. A good umbrella is invaluable when you need one. Folks happily part with £10 or more for a quality umbrella that will deliver years of service, yet you can pick up good quality umbrellas with your company name on them for less than a third of that. When you give away umbrellas as part of a marketing campaign, your company is perceived as offering high value and appreciation to its customers.

If you cannot find the merchandise you are looking for please do let us know as we have have over 100,000 products available and only show a small selection here. We can also source different coloured items and custom manufacture bespoke products for your campaign.