Promotional Giveaways For Exhibitions, Tradeshows and Conferences

Promotional Giveaways - Tradeshow Giveaways

Promotional giveaways are a must have items for exhibitors, tradeshows and conference organisers. Ideally your promotional giveaways should form part of a wider traffic generation strategy but how do you ensure that your giveaways hit the mark and do not become ‘throwaways’ after your promotion and marketing event? Whatever you invest in be it promotional bugs, pens, sweets or gadgets there is a wider concept to consider than the relatively simple one of distribution.

Apply The AIDA Marketing Principle

AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire Action and can be used when selecting your giveaways.

Who are you targeting ? Organisations often take a scatter gun approach to giveways. More strategic thinking is needed. Visitors can be segmented into four categories:

  • Key customers and contacts who you already do business with.
  • Targetted pre-show prospects who are offered complimentary rewards for visiting the stand
  • New prospects encountered at the show interested in developing a business relationship
  • General visitors, catalogue and tradeshow giveaways collectors.

What are you trying to communicate ? The quality and perceived value of your promotional and tradeshow giveaways and their imprint should have synergy with your marketing communications strategy and tradeshow, exhibition and conference objectives. Your giveaways should be targeted at your audience. They should create buzz and interest in your stand, products, services and company.

What gifts are you going to provide ? Visitors want to be excited and rewarded. Tradeshow giveaways can be used as rewards for attending on-stand demonstrations, briefings or contests. The key point here is that tradeshow giveaways are given away for free. As your giveaways increase in appeal and value, so should the effort exerted by your stand visitors to get them.

What do you want your visitors to do with the gifts? The best promotions center on a theme that leaves the receiver with a clear call to action. Gift longevity is important because the gift must last at least until the receiver has completed the call to action.

Promotional Campaign Budgets
Gift pricing is volume and lead time dependent. So try to drive up quantities by connecting your tradeshow with other marketing activities – exhibitions, seminars and conferences, sales promotions and day-to-day customer visits. You can then get more quality gifts for the same budget spend.

Promotional Gifts Consultants
A promotional gifts consultant has access to the latest innovations and trends for giveaways. Often they can provide you with further assistance and help you supply giveaways that are “on message” and make your event a great success. Typical giveaways range from lower cost mint strips to more expensive gadgets. A reasonable mid ground can be achieved using pens, promo bugs, toys such as Yo-Yos and stress balls or branded bottled water.

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