Promotional Bags

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Promotional Bags from the Redbows collection of everyday, essential business corporate gifts and promotional merchandise. Click on the any of the personalised bags shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Prices include branding with your imprint and logo. Promotional bags marked “POA” are priced on application. Plain stock bags can also be supplied. For a wider selection of bags please visit our main website and see the Promotional Gifts Store bags collection.

Promotional Gift Store bags collection

Bags come in all different shapes, sizes and can be used in almost every day to day life. A promotional bag is an extremely flexible marketing tool that works for the retail sector, branding companies, charities, councils, waste authorities, online businesses and various service industries. If you are looking for ways to boost your sales revenue, increase profit, create brand and customer loyalty, or to market and promote your business to a wider audience then a promotional bag can help achieve all these goals.

For a cost effective and handy promotional product, look no further than the promotional carrier bag. At Redbows, we have a diverse collection of bags to choose from and one of the key benefits to marketing via promotional carrier bags is the fact that they offer high brand exposure and wide appeal. Bags are not only a practical utility product but they are also highly portable, thus spreading your brand message far and wide.

You could opt for pens or a mouse mat, however such promo items only advertise to the individual using them, whereas a custom printed bags has little advertising boundaries and carries your message to a new audience every day. Long lasting, cost effective advertising is what all businesses strive for and imprinted plastic or conference bags certainly offer that.

Bags comes in all forms from cooler bags for those summer days, backpacks for the adventurous type, conference bags, plastic bags and many more. Drawstring bags are the perfect giveaway for school fairs or outdoor sporting events where they can be utilised in day to day life the gym goers or storing the children’s packed lunches, in either instance the visibility your brand will get is guaranteed.

One of the most widely used day to day bags is the cotton shopper. Marketing with printed cotton bags is a brilliant way to convey your message far and wide as your message is sure to travel a long way! They are used for those quick shop visits, as it is common for shops to now charge for plastic carrier bags so the majority of people will now always store a shopper in their car for convenience and practicality. Your brand message is warranted to travel far and wide.

If you cannot find the merchandise you are looking for please do let us know as we have have over 100,000 products available and only show a small selection here. We can also source different coloured items and custom manufacture bespoke products for your campaign.