Promotional Earthenware Mugs

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These promotional earthenware mugs are durable and offer a great print area. Promotional mugs like these are a ideal for office or workshop promotions. Earthenware is made from a low-fired, white and porous clay, that is also sometimes known as ceramic or ceramic ware. We have a wide range of promotional mugs at Redbows. Let us know if you need us to provide examples of another stye of mug to the ones below. For a wider selection of earthenware mugs please visit our main website and see the Promotional Gifts Store earthenware mugs collection.

Promotional Gift Store earthenware mugs collection

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Successful businesses know that the most important way to stay successful is by gaining the confidence of your customers. Promoting your brands through customer satisfaction is a great marketing strategy and the idea of using promotional mugs fits well with that approach. Promotional mugs with printed messages are one of the most popular and effective gift forms business use. The main advantage for marketing through giveaway mugs is that they are used every single day. They are used in offices, schools, homes, universities, shops, doctors, dentists. In every establishment there is a kitchen and nearly every individual that inhabit the building drinks a hot drink atleast once a day.

Most people cannot live without their morning pick me up, or their daily coffee boost. It is the one promotional item you know that will be used day in and day out. Just a fact for you on average an office worker will drink five or more hot drinks every day, so the advertising potential via this medium is substantial, and one that should not be overlooked. Earthenware is made of clay fired at less than 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is still porous after firing, so it must be glazed in order to be used as a ceramic mug. The material is a solid, thick robust substance that is guaranteed to last, the perfect promotional giveaway!

If you cannot find the merchandise you are looking for please do let us know as we have have over 100,000 products available and only show a small selection here. We can also source different coloured items and custom manufacture bespoke products for your campaign.