Logo Artwork Generation

Redbows has its own design studio to help ensure a fast turn around on promotional gifts artwork amendments and generation. From experience we know that the artwork approval process can take longer than expected when we are asked to make more than one amendment and reproof it. We therefore ask our clients to work with us by providing speedy feedback and approval. Any time lost can delay production of your branded gifts.

The Redbows Design Solution

The biggest delay in supplying promotional goods is sorting out the artwork. Redbows has its own Design Studio and the sooner a customer sends us their artwork for approval the less chance there is of missing an important ship date. Our Design Studio will always freely check artwork to ensure it can be used. In addition we offer three general artwork services which can be used to fulfil your Artwork Brief:

Level 1. Modification to an existing editable .EPS file in Adobe Illustrator
For customers who have an editable .EPS file but require some general basic amendments or additions. Examples include turning a logo from colour to black and white, amending phone numbers or adding a marketing message. This service has a small fee and amendments can incur additional costs.

For this service please download and complete the Redbows Artwork Brief and return the form to our Design Studio.

2. Creation of an editable .EPS file in Adobe Illustrator
For customers who cannot get access to an editable .EPS file. The Redbows Design Studio will generate the required file. To do so they require your logo and any text to be used in conjunction with the logo – (check its resolution). If there is a standard house font used for the text and size required this should be specified.

To ensure a colour match CMYK or Pantone colour references should also be specified. This service carries a small fee for a simple logo – using one to three spot colours for text and a 2D graphic image and a slightly higher fee for a complex logo – requiring a four colour process and/or a 3D graphic image.

Customers can off course send us a ‘rough’ of the artwork via fax or in an Adobe PhotoShop file. Artwork amendment charges can be incurred where the initial design brief is changed and this results in extra studio time and additional proofs.

For this service please download and complete the Redbows Artwork Brief and return the form to our Design Studio.

Graphic Design Service

The Redbows Design Studio can generate a full design for your promotional gift. For example, for a mouse mat, the studio can generate the entire artwork to be used over the total print area. Another example would be the design for a calendar or promotional chocolate bar.

This is part of our graphic design service and is chargeable based on sight of the design brief and estimation of the work involved. The charges are based on blocks of 30 minutes as most designs can be generated within that time. Artwork amendments can lead to further charges if introduced by the client.

For this service please download and complete the Redbows Artwork Brief and return the form to our Design Studio.

Artwork Amendments Policy

Our intention is to get the job right, first time. For this we need a clear and concise brief from our clients on the work in hand. Our pricing allows for one to two minor modifications once a file has been generated (such as changing a word or punctuation mark) and reproof. If we have made an error interpreting your brief we will off course correct this and reproof at no extra charge. Further client instructed changes can lead to additional charges and especially major modifications such as moving text, changing fonts or colours, or amending the graphics involved. Clients can be kept abreast of the time recorded on the Artwork Time Sheet for each job if requested.


All artwork generated becomes the property of the client and can be supplied to them on invoice settlement for later use.

If you have any questions on artwork it is always best to talk with our Design Studio.

Sending Artwork To Redbows

Artwork can be emailed to sales@redbows.co.uk as an attachment. Attachments larger than 1MB in size should be zipped. Once received it will be opened by our Design Studio and checked for File Compatibility, File Format and Image Resolution. Alternatively very large files (over 3MB) can be FTP transferred – please click the link and follow the instructions.

In the accompanying email please state your purchase order number and Redbows sales order acknowledgement number in the title. In the body copy please let us know the CMYK or Pantone colour references and font types and sized to be used.

Redbows uses Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and QuarkXpress software packages. We do not use Coral Draw or Freehand but may be able to get these converted. Please note that artwork generated in non graphic design packages such as Word or Works will not be of a sufficiently high quality and may have to be reproduced.