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Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing branded with a logo is typically worn by employees as part of their corporate everyday workwear or at special events like exhibitions and tradeshows. Corporate clothing with a company or organisation’s logo provides several benefits including free advertising and promotion of your brand as well as a sense of ‘team’ for the people wearing the clothing. The image is one of professionalism and it is a consistent one that can create good ‘first impression. Corporate workwear can also be given away as free promotional merchandise at events.

Why Corporate Clothing Can Work For Any Business

Promotional clothing is not just an advertising medium for your organisation. When chosen, distributed and used correctly, branded clothing can add real value to both the organisation and its employees.

Clothing helps people to identify with the organisation they work for and members of their team and company. Branded with the organisations logo, clothing can help employees to feel more engaged with their company and it can help contribute towards team working. This applies not just in the day-to-day operation of the company but during special events such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences, road shows, corporate golf days and team building events.

Corporate clothing introduces uniformity to how employees dress and look at work. Such clothing helps to reinforce team spirit and equality as all employees wear the same clothing. This can form part of a company clothing policy within a corporate employee handbook. Everyone looks more professional and is put into a work-related mode by wearing the same clothing. Colours and styles can differ to show different levels of training, team membership and working areas.

Whether inside or outside an organisation’s buildings, corporate workwear promotes an organisation and helps to build the brand. Employees help to advertise the organisation and this can be reinforced when tied into branded promotional gifts such as pens, pads, clipboards and other items that the user may have to use during their work. Corporate workwear also makes teams and individuals easily identifiable – think about this the next time you need assistance on a large exhibition stand or when in a shopping environment.

Here’s our Top Tips Corporate Clothing Infographic

Promotional Clothing Infographic

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