Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are a super advertising tool for a company. We have supplied thousands of branded promotional umbrellas including standard and bespoke umbrella designs over the years and have developed extensive experience in personalisation for a marketing campaign. For many umbrellas there is a wide range of options including panel colours, handles and grips. Each of our branded umbrellas is normally supplied in its own cardboard box for easy distribution.

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Promotional Umbrella, Parasol and Gazebo Options

Our wide range of umbrellas, parasols and gazebos are designed for personalisation and customisation. There are a number of options associated with each product allowing you to customise each in terms of panel colours and the number of panels you can print on.

Panels and Pantones

Most of our umbrellas have up to eight panels. In terms of material colours they can be supplied the same or alternate matching. Each panel can be screen printed with an imprint. It is normal to brand at least one to four panels or more. The imprint can be a single or multiple design. Material colours can also be Pantone matched for some umbrellas.

Shafts and Handles

Some of our umbrellas offer a choice of shafts (metal or wooden), handles (wooden or rubber grip) and end points (metal, wooden or plastic).

Winter Sports and Stormproof Options

Golfing umbrellas are designed for use in all weathers, both on and off the golf course. Stormproof umbrellas have the added advantage of being the sturdiest design available.

Parasols and Gazebos

During the sprint to summer months parasols and gazebos can be used to promote an organisation at outdoor events whether corporate or private functions. Parasols can provide both shelter from the sun and occasional rain and are a great way to brand an area. Gazebos can be very useful when running events and promotions and provide a focal point for all those visiting or taking part.

Delivery Timescales for Parasols and Umbrellas

Most umbrellas can be shipped branded within ten working days. Express deliveries are available for some umbrellas on shorter lead times but there may be a higher price for this service than a standard delivery. The longer the leadtime and the higher the quantity ordered, the lower the unit price as we can source the complete umbrella order and print it at one of our supply chain factories.

Custom Made and Bespoke Umbrellas

If you cannot find the umbrella, gazebo or parasol you need for your promotional marketing campaign, please let us know. Here we only list a selection of the best selling products and have access to several hundred more variants. If you want a custom or bespoke design we can also project manage this for you.

Please let us know if you need more information or assistance choosing an umbrella, gazebo or parasol for your next promotion. Our team of experts can be easily contacted on 0800 158 3080 and we offer some of the most competitive pricing available.