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Promotional umbrellas are a super advertising tool for a company and its branding. We have supplied thousands of promotional umbrellas including standard stock and custom or bespoke umbrella designs over the years and have developed extensive experience when it comes to personalisation for a marketing campaign. For many umbrellas there is a wide range of options available including panel colours, handles and grips. Each of our promotional umbrellas is normally supplied in its own cardboard box for easy distribution.

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The Branded Umbrellas Buyers Guide

Branded promotional umbrellas are one of the most versatile promotional gifts that a company can invest in. Very few branded products offer such versatility, design and imprint options, in a product that will get used both within and outside work. The Redbows promotional umbrellas range actually encompasses a wide selection of umbrella types including:

  • Automatic Umbrellas
  • Gents Umbrellas
  • Golf Umbrellas
  • Ladies Umbrellas
  • Novelty Umbrellas
  • Telescopic Umbrellas
  • Walking Umbrellas
  • Parasol Umbrellas

Of all the umbrellas available, Golf Umbrellas or Budget Golf Umbrellas as they are also termed are the best selling type. They are not only fashionable but sporty. What then do you have to consider when choosing the right umbrella product for a promotion:

Umbrella Panels and Pantone Colours

Most umbrella designs have up to eight panels. In terms of material colours they can be supplied the same or alternate matching. Each panel can be screen printed with an imprint. It is normal to brand at least one to four panels or more. The imprint itself can be a single or multiple design. More than one imprint design and colour will incur additional print and origination charges. Material colours can also be Pantone matched for some umbrellas.

Umbrella Shaft and Handle Options

Some umbrellas offer a choice of shafts (metal or wooden), handles (wooden or rubber grip) and end points (metal, wooden or plastic). These options can further personalise your umbrellas but the more the choices the higher the unit price tends to be.

Delivery Timescales

Most umbrellas can be shipped branded within ten working days. Express delivery services are available but with an expedite fee applicable. Generally umbrella suppliers will hold a small UK stock for personalisation, with larger volume orders supplied from Europe and the Far East. This can extended the lead time to around four to six weeks.

Order Quantities and Pricing

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is typically twenty five pieces for UK stocked umbrellas. Large volume orders are supplied from off-shore manufacturers to achieve the best possible pricing. Pricing is very volume dependent.

Plain Stock and Unbranded Umbrellas

Plain stock is available. There is a growing trend for this service which can be used to supply umbrellas for wedding receptions for example – Pantone matched to the wedding colour scheme.

Branding and Personalisation

Branding is generally in the form of screen-printing which proves very durable. For some premium models it is also possible to personalised the shafts with a laser engraving. If an outer case is provided this can also be branded.

Bespoke, Custom and Novelty Umbrellas

Umbrella and parasol designs are fairly standard. Developments have included Quadrellas to allow more than one person to seek shelter under a single umbrella, as well as advances in strengthening designs – of with the Fibrestorm umbrella is a classic example of a storm strengthened umbrella with reinforced ribs.


Umbrellas are generally bulk packed within individual polythene bags and an outer carton. Weight and volume are important considerations for large shipments.

Environmentally Friendly Eco Options

There are some ECO options available including: using recycled materials for the umbrella canopies and shafts. Any ‘green savings’ made do have to be off-set against the logistics involved shipping the umbrellas from their point of manufacture to country of use however.

Living in such an unpredictable climate, the likelihood of rain is inevitable, and very often to it seems in the UK. First and foremost branded umbrellas are ultimately useful practically items; they are one of the most popular corporate gifts and sporting products available – all year round. People love items that are free, but everyone is giving away pens and magnets. With promotional umbrellas, people are getting something new and exciting, which makes you stand out above the crowd.

Umbrella designs do vary in their quality and function and choosing the right product for your promotion is very important to us. Every time your branded umbrella is used your company and its corporate identity could be seen by a wide variety of clients and other stakeholders in your company and organisations. The brand exposure that an umbrella provides is endless. With a maximum of 8 panels that can be branded with full dye sublimation printing technique you can make your brand message as vibrant and explosive as you like, catching the eye of many.

Even when not in use a custom designed and printed umbrella can still advertise your business. Think how many are kept in an office, golf bag or car boot, ready to be pulled out at the slightest hint of rain. Promotional printed umbrellas act as a great mobile advertisement. As well as its usefulness, a branded umbrella has a high perceived value attached to it. A good umbrella is invaluable when you need one.

Printing Your Logo On A Promotional Umbrella

At Redbows we supply one of the widest ranges of printed umbrellas and provide a number of services to help you get the right product for your promotion. Each umbrella offers a selection of options including panel colour choices and print positions.

Umbrellas are one of the most popular corporate gifts and sporting products available – all year round. Umbrella designs do vary in their quality and function and choosing the right product for your promotion can ensure the longevity of your marketing message. Every time the umbrella is used your brand will be exposed to a wide number of potential clients. Even when not in use a custom designed and printed umbrella can still advertise your business. Think how many are kept in an office, golf bag or car boot, ready to be pulled out at the slightest hint of rain.

Once you have chosen an umbrella for your promotion, then you have to think about how many of the canopy panels to imprint and whether to go for an single brand message or print on alternate panels. The larger the canopy the greater the advertising space but don’t forget that you can also generally choose from a wide range of fabric colours, shafts and handles to fully customise your umbrella.

So no matter what your promotion, if you want umbrellas for a golf event, ladies or gents campaigns or just general usage, the Promotional Gifts Store supplies one of the largest promotional umbrellas ranges available including golf, automatic and even storm proof umbrellas. If you are looking for custom umbrellas, branded umbrellas and any type of printed umbrellas then turn to Redbows.

Umbrella Advertising

Whether you call them umbrellas or brollies in the UK there is no doubt with our very temperamental climate that we need these products. That’s why they provide such a fantastic advertising platform for a company and the fact that they are available in such a wide variety of options means that we can supply an umbrella that is going to be a perfect match for your marketing campaign.

Umbrellas are also known as ‘brollies’ which is a slang term that originated in the mid 1880s. Other terms used in parasols which are essentially larger umbrellas normally with a fixed based. In other countries they may be known as parapluie (French), rainshade, gamp or bumbershoot; the latter being American slang. The earliest known reference is in AD21 in China when a humble umbrella was commissioned for a ceremonial carriage and procession.

Umbrellas can provide two functions and that is their widespread appeal. Protection from rain and protection from sunlight. These two facts make them useful in many markets across the world and in everyday life. We often see golfers and their caddies using golf umbrellas to provide shade or shield from sun or driving rain. In towns and cities on a rainy day there is often a plethora of umbrellas in use ranging from large to small, branded and plain and by both men and women alike.

It is the umbrella canopy that we are most used to seeing. This can be made from either a flexible plastic or polyester fabric. Most of our umbrellas offer a range of panel colour options and for some a Pantone matching service is available where we match the material colour exactly to the Pantone refence colour(s) of your logo. Please remember that not all materials are water proof and that after use it is important if an umbrella is to be stored or not used for a period of time, that the water is shaken off and the umbrella allowed to dry out.

When it comes to printing onto the panels the costs are panel number and volume related. Some people choose to only print on one panel where as others may choose two, four or more panels or even alternate panels. Whilst the canopy is important we can also offer customisation in the form of the pole or shaft which can be metal, plastic or even wooden. Within the shaft a spring-loaded mechanism can be built which allows the umbrella to open automatically or to have a semi-automatic function. The shaft itself may be collapsible to allow the umbrella to compress into a much smaller volume than when fully extended. At the other end of the umbrella shaft thought should be given to the handle which again could be wooden or plastic or a ‘crook’ (bent like on a wooden cane).

Please let us know if you need more information or assistance choosing an umbrella for your promotion. Our team of experts can be easily contacted on 0800 158 3080.