Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you got any questions? Hopefully we’ll answer them all here. Simply type into the FAQ Search Box a word relating to what you want more information on, such as a product type, printing method, material or service option and we will search our FAQ database for related information and answers. Alternatively please scroll down the page and click any of the product or service categories to see the related FAQs we have provided answers to. Alternatively please feel free to contact us.


Information on promotional ad-loops including whey make such good giveaways, printing both sizes and available sizes.

Advent Calendars

Information on promotional advent calendars including print options, postal cartons and chocolate types.

Air Fresheners

Information air fresheners including shapes, fragrances and imprint areas.


Information on artwork issues including file types and how we can convert them into the type we need for your imprint.

Audio Gadgets

Information on audio gadgets and merchandise including power and connectivity options, colours available and imprint areas.


Information on promotional awards covering imprint recommendations, speed of delivery and order processing and custom shaped awards.


Information on promotional badges including material types, paper inserts and eco-friendly conference badges.


Information on promotional bags including express delivery service options, embroidery and screen printing, long and short handle types.


Information on promotional balls including printing sizes, printing and colour options.

Bath Sets

Information on promotional bath sets including custom and bespoke bath, soap and shampoo options and branding types.


Information on promotional bathrobes unisex bathrobes, colour matching toweling and branding methods.


Information on promotional BBQs including imprint areas, plain stock sets and the most popular giveaways.


Information on promotional beachballs including football team coloured and branded footballs, custom sizes and branding options.

Bicycle Items

Information on promotional bicycle items including the most popular giveaways, delivery timescales and imprint methods.


Information on promotional binoculars including case branding, zoom options and miniature binocular supply.


Information on promotional biscuits including numbers per pack, combination tea and biscuit packs and packaging branding.


Information on promotional fleeces including fleece and woollen materials, branding options and Pantone colour matching.

Bone China Mugs

Information on bone china mugs including capacity, colours and packaging options.


Information on promotional bookmarks including the supply of novelty and custom sizes, print options and materials including leather and paper.

Bottle and Can Coolers

Information on coolers for bottles and cans including sleeves, bags and ice buckets with print size information.

Bottle Openers

Information on bottle openers including novelty shapes and sizes, colours and print options.

Bottled Water

Information on bottled water including sizes, branding options and lead times.


Information on promotional bugs including delivery timescales, branding options and usage in marketing campaigns.

Business Cards

Information on promotional business card holders including the supply of plastic and metal holders, non-standard sizes and eco-friendly business card holders.


Information on promotional calculators including battery and solar powered options, packaging and express delivery options.


Information on promotional calendars including the most popular calendar types, custom wall calendars and digital message printing within the image.


Information on promotional candles including imprint areas, scented candle types and materials used.

Car Items

Information on promotional car items including low cost units, mobile phone chargers and minimum order quantities.


Information on the catalogues and brochures available from Redbows in both hard copy paper and electronic format.

Catering Items

Information on promotional catering items and cookware including napkin types, custom food boxes and plate types.

Ceramic Mugs

Information on promotional ceramic mugs including earthenware and options for printing, packaging and branding wraps.

Chocolate Bars

Information on promotional chocolates bars including winning ticket promotions, direct chocolate prints and molds and chocolate types.

Chocolate Boxes

Information on promotional chocolate boxes including sizes, branding options and the number and types of chocolates.

Chocolate Coins

Information on promotional chocolate coins including sizes, foils and chocolate types available.

Christmas Gifts

Information on promotional Christmas gifts including personalisation and branding options, express deliveries and minimum order quantities.


Information on promotional clocks including whole or partial face imprints, novelty clock products and minimum order quantities.


Information on promotional clothing and corporate workwear including screen printing and embroidery, washing and after care and clothing brands.


Information on promotional coasters including plastic, ceramic, glass and paper coasters covering durability, heat resistance and eco-friendly versions.

Coffee Cups

Information on coffee cups with and without saucers including sizes, print and packaging options.

Colour Coat Mugs

Information on promotional colour coat mugs including pantone matched outer and inner options, packaging and express delivery options.

Compact Mirrors

Information on promotional compact mirrors including brush and combination mirrors, price matching and express delivery options.


Information on promotional compasses including usage in marketing campaigns, colour options and combination with other gadgets.

Computer Accessories

Information on promotional computer accessories including USB hub choices, lowest-cost giveaways and novelty product options.

Computer Mice

Information on computer mice including print options, branding and colour options.


Information on promotional confectionery covering print sizes, sugar-free, mixtures, flavours and packaging.

Cooler Bags

Information on promotional cooler bags including ice and cooling options, how long items will stay cool and how coolers work.

Counter Mats

Information on promotional counter mats including sizes available, toughness and wear and custom designs.


Information on promotional crayons including packaging imprints, colour matching and branding.


Information on lead times and delivery services from Redbows including logistics and fulfillment options across the UK and to Europe and other parts of the world.

Desk Top Items

Information on promotional desktop items including best sellers, supply sourcing and bundle options.


Information on promotional diaries including sizes, price options and paper colours.

Document Bags

Information on promotional document bags including imprint methods, materials used and bundles with other merchandise.

Drinking Glasses

Information on drinking glasses for promotions including sizes, shapes and logo print options.


Information on promotional drinks and drinkware including flavours, engraving and print options and best sellers.

Duffel Bags

Information on promotional duffel bags including screen printing and tag usage, lead times and cleaning choices.


Information on promotional earbuds including packaging, logo printing and colour options.


Information on promotional earphones including branding methods, Pantone colours and alternative jack plugs.


Information on earplugs including cases, printing and branding options.

Easter Products

Information on promotional Easter Products including Easter Eggs, chocolates and other types of confectionery that can be use for Easter promotions.

Eco Friendly Bags

Information on eco friendly bags and what to consider when it comes to this type of environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

Eco Friendly Banners

Information on eco friendly banners and things consider when using them for exhibitions and seminars.

Eco Friendly Clothing

Information on eco friendly promotional clothing including pricing, durability and bespoke orders.

Eco Friendly Coasters

Information on eco friendly coasters that can be used for marketing campaigns wanting an environmentally friendly promotional product.

Eco Friendly Cosmetics

Information on eco friendly cosmetics to use for health and beauty campaigns requiring environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

Eco Friendly Gadgets

Information on eco friendly gadgets and gadgets that can be used for environmentally friendly promotions.

Eco Friendly Key Rings

Information on eco friendly key rings that can be used for marketing campaigns with an environmental theme.

Eco Friendly Lanyards

Information on eco friendly lanyards for exhibitions, seminars and office use and made from recycled materials.

Eco Friendly Mouse Mats

Information on eco friendly mouse mats that can be used for desktop promotions requiring an environmentally friendly theme.

Eco Friendly Mugs

Information on eco friendly mugs made from recycled materials and for use in environmentally friendly promotions.

Eco Friendly Paper Pads

Information on eco friendly paper pads made from recycled and sustainable materials and for use as environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

Eco Friendly Pencils

Information on eco friendly pencils made from organic, sustainable and recycled materials.

Eco Friendly Pens

Information on eco friendly pens including plastic and wooden made from recycled and sustainable materails.

Eco Friendly Plants

Information on eco friendly plants and considerations for this type of environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

Eco Friendly Safety Products

Information on eco friendly safety products that can be used in safety campaigns wanting environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

Eco Friendly Stationery

Information on eco friendly stationery made from recycled materials or made from sustainably farmed or organic materials.

Eco Friendly Toys

Information on eco friendly toys including print and options and how to use this type of environmentally friendly product in promotions.

Eco Friendly Water Bottles

Information on eco friendly water bottles made from recycled plastics and for use in eco promotional campaigns.

Eco Products

Information on promotional eco gifts and what makes them different to other promotional merchandise, recycling and supplying.

Energy Drinks

Information on branded energy drinks and cans including print options, lead times and contents.


Information on promotional erasers including materials they are made from, branding and combinations with other stationery products.

Executive Pens

Information on promotional executive pens including and how they differ from normal pens, pen set options and pen material options.

Express Deliveries

A selection of frequently asked questions covering express delivery promotional items from Redbows.

Express Pens

Information on promotional express pens including delivery timescales, print colour quantities and overnight courier deliveries.

Eye Masks

Information on promotional eye masks including chilling options, how to use in a marketing campaign and branding choices.


Information on promotional fans including USB fan options, rechargeable batteries and imprint methods.

First Aid Kits

Information on promotional first aid kits including item choice, print options and branded plasters.

Flash Drives and Memory Sticks

Information on promotional flash drives and memory sticks including popular models, memory chip types and novelty shapes.


Information on promotional fleeces including terms explanations, wind proofing and textures.


Information on promotional folders including branding choices, paper pad options and custom designs.


Information on promotional footballs including sizes, print options and colours.


Information on promotional frisbees including print areas, Pantone colour matching and label application.

Frosted Pens

Information on promotional frosted pens including background colour choices, printing and packaging.


Information on promotional gadgets including memory price variations, reliability, power bank charging times and branding options.


Information on promotional games including game branding, sourcing games and the most popular types.


Information on promotional giveaways and fun items covering typical questions and information for this product type.

Golfing Merchandise

Information on promotional golfing merchandise including total supply for a golfing event including prizes, pin flags and banners, gift packs and branding options.


Information on promotional hampers including bespoke and made-to-order hampers, mini hamper inclusions and organic foods and drinks.

Hand Creams

Information on promotional hand creams including branding options, eco friendly creams and cosmetics.


Information on promotional hats including eco friendly baseball caps, colour choices and imprint methods.


Information on headphones for mobiles and tablets including branding options, print and colour options and general usage information.

Healthcare Products

Information on promotional healthcare products including logo print methods, packaging options and best selling items.

Heat Packs

Information on promotional heat packs including how hand warmers work, how they help muscles and joints and branding methods.

Highlighter Pens

Information on promotional highlighter pens including novelty options, ink colours and logo imprints.

Hip Flasks

Information on branded hip flasks including case sizes, case covers and sizes.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Information on promotional hoodies and sweatshirts including student and society discounts and materials used.

Ice Scrapers

Information on promotional ice scrapers including custom designs, imprint methods and delivery timescales.

Individual Chocolates

Information on individual promotional chocolates including branding options, flavour and types of chocolate available.


Information on promotional jackets including colour matching, lead times and packaging options.

Juggling Balls

Information on promotional juggling balls including materials, fillings and printing options.

Keyrings / Key Fobs

Information on promotional keyrings and key fobs including print options, gadget key rings and bespoke designs.

Kitchen Items

Information on promotional kitchen items and cookware including the best types for promotions, eco options and the best giveaways.


Information on promotional lanyards including safety release mechanisms, eco material options and print colour choices.

Laptop Bags

Information on promotional laptop bags including eco friendly options, logo imprint areas and printing methods.

Lifestyle Products

Information on promotional lifestyle products including sourcing and branding options.

Lip Balms

Information on promotional lip balms including how and why they are different to lip glosses.


Information on promotional lollipops covering packaging, shape, size and imprint options.

Luggage Tags

Information on promotional luggage tags including types, colours and minimum order quantities.


Information on promotional magnets including standard sizes and shapes, how long magnetism lasts for and heavy duty magnet options.

Magnifying Glasses

Information on promotional magnifying glasses including how they are made, branding and bespoke shapes and sizes.

Marker Pens

Information on promotional market pens including erasable and non-erasable options, ink colours and branding options.


An FAQ section for marketing frequently asked questions with information on typical questions and information for marketing services.

Marketing Inspiration

Advice and information on the products we can supply for your campaign, ranging from bags to sweets and chocolate.


Information on promotional massagers including branding, electronic and shaped massagers.

Memo Clips

Information on promotional memo clips including novelty, bespoke and plastic and metal memo clips.

Metal Mugs

Information on metal mugs including sizes, imprint and delivery options.

Mint Cards

Information on promotional mints cards including plain stock, sugar free mint cards and printing methods.

Mint Chewing Gums

Information on promotional chewing gums including blister packed gums, sugar free and flavoured gums.

Mint Tins

Information on promotional mint tins including shapes, fillings and packaging.


Information on promotional mints including plain stock mints, sugar free mints and screen prints.

Mints Sugar Free

Information on promotional sugar free mints including what it means to be sugar free, printing and packaging options.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Information on promotional mobile phone accessories including phone holder types, protection and mobile phone car kits.

Mobile Phone Cases

Information on mobile phone cases with print, colour and size options.

Mobile Phone Chargers

Information on promotional mobile phone chargers including print types and methods and express delivery times.

Mobile Phone Holders

Information mobile phone holders including mounting options, imprint areas and colour options.

Mobile Phone Stands

Information on mobile phone stands and tablet stands including branding, sizes and colour options.

Mobile Phone Stylus

Information on mobile phone stylus with options for branding, different sizes and lead times.

Mobile/USB Gadgets

Information on promotional mobile phone and USB gadgets including why memory stick and flash drives prices vary so often and branding options.

Money Boxes

Information on promotional money boxes including custom shapes and sizes, getting your money out and delivery timescales.

Mouse Mats

Information on promotional mouse mats including samples for evaluation, delivery options and mat thickness choices.


Information on promotional mugs including print and packaging options, shapes and designs and personalisation options.

Multifunction Pens

Information on promotional multi-function pens including delivery timescales, colour matching and environmentally friendly alternative materials.

Musical Items

Information on promotional musical items including delivery timescales, colour choices and eco material alternatives.

Nail Files

Information on promotional nail files including choosing an nail file, branding with an imprint and supply chain sourcing.

Nail Polish

Information on promotional nail polishes including colours, imprint areas and express delivery service times.


Information on napkins including colours, sizes and print options.


Information on promotional notebooks including pen options, lined or plain paper choices and branding decisions.


Information on promotional notepads including cover and paper colour choices, sizes and sheet quantity.


Information on promotional novelties including creating bespoke versions, sourcing and packaging choices.

Novelty Pens

Information on promotional novelty pens including using in marketing campaigns, print areas and packaging.


Information on the ordering process at Redbows and placing business with us.

Pantone Matched Colour Coat Mugs

Information on promotional pantone matched colour coat mugs including pantone matched outer and inner options, packaging and express delivery options.

Paper Blocks

Information on promotional paper blocks including pallet options, pen holders and sheet printing.

Paper Clips

Information on promotional paper clips including paper and memo clip choices, branding and print areas.


Information on promotional pedometers including usage in health campaigns, print applications and minimum order quantities.

Pen Accessories

Information on promotional pen accessories including popular choices, branding and custom designed packaging.

Pen Brands

Information on promotional pen brands including supply chain sourcing, pricing compared to other pens and imprint options.

Pen Sets

Information on promotional pen sets including custom options, branding and imprint areas and sets made from environmentally friendly materials.

Pencil Cases

Information on promotional pencil cases including see through and coloured options, bundle choices and eco-friendly pencil cases.

Pencil Sharpeners

Information on promotional pencil sharpeners including novelty shapes, eco versions and branding options.


Information on promotional pencils including print positions, eco materials and graphite ratings.


Information on promotional pens and writing instruments including colours including the ink supplied, print areas and pen brands.

People at Redbows

Information and FAQs on the on the people working at Redbows and arrangements for visits and meetings.

Pill Containers

Information on promotional pill containers including print application techniques, multiple compartment options and express delivery services.

Plastic Cups

Information on plastic cups and beakers including sizes, body colours and lead times.

Plastic Mugs

Information on plastic mugs including colours available, sizes and print options.

Plastic Pens

Information on promotional plastic pens including engraving and print options, pen barrel, top and clip colours and packaging.

Polo Shirts

Information on promotional polo shirts including colour choices, durability and lifespan and Pantone colours.


Information on promotional ponchos including print areas, waterproof options and Pantone colour matches.

Porcelain Mugs

Information on promotional porcelain mugs including print options, wraps and partial wraps and packaging.

Portable Speakers

Information on promotional portable speakers including phone connections via Bluetooth, branding and sound quality.

Power Banks

Information on promotional power banks including imprint area sizes, cables supplied and discharge periods.


Information relating to pricing matters and policies including quantity breaks, cheap low cost pricing and minimum order quantities.


Information on printing techniques and the terms used with the promotional merchandise industry.

Protein Shakers

Information on protein shakers including capacity in millilitre capacity, body colours and branding options.


Information on promotional puzzles including use as giveaways, executive options and arranging samples for evaluation.


Information on radios including imprint sizes, colour options and technologies.

Rock Sweets

Information on promotional rocks sweets including individually wrapped rock pieces and sticks of rock.

Rucksacks and Backpacks

Information on promotional rucksacks and branded backpacks including logo imprint options, pockets and capacities.


Information on promotional rulers including engineering types, eco-friendly materials and popularity as a marketing giveaway.

Safety Clothing

Information on promotional safety clothing including PPE, imprint methods and European standards.


Information on supplying samples on request


Information on promotional sanitisers including usage and popularity, imprint types and custom shaped sanitisers.


Information on promotional scarves including fleece and woollen scarves, branding areas and delivery timescales.

Screen Cleaners

Information computer and tablet screen cleaners including sizing, print areas and colour options.

Selfie Sticks

Information on selfie sticks including options for sizes, imprint and branding.

Sewing Kits

Information on promotional sewing kits including usefulness as marketing giveaways, branding options and custom designs.

Shirts and Blouses

Information on promotional shirts and branded blouses including standard sizes and made-to-measure, imprint methods and fitted sizes.

Shoe Polish Kits

Information on promotional shoe polish kits including shoe shines and polish options, custom shapes and case choices.

Shopping Bags

Information on promotional shopping bags including portrait and landscape options, handle choices and eco friendly materials.


Information on promotional snacks including gourmet options, boxes and packaging choices.

Sourcing Merchandise

Information on custom products and our sourcing team.

Sports Bags

Information on promotional sports bags including fast delivery options, colour choices and branded sports bags.


Information on promotional stationery including print options, personalisation the best desktop choices.

Sticky Notes

Information on promotional sticky notes including custom messages, Pantone references and bespoke shapes and sizes.

Stress Relievers

Information on promotional stress relievers including custom stress shapes, how they reduce stress and Pantone colour matching.

Stylus Pens

Information on promotional stylus pens including how they work, durability and digital print techniques.


Information on promotional sunglasses including sizes, novelty options and carry cases and pouches.


Information on promotional sweatbands including material choices, branding areas and colour options.

Sweet Bags

Information on promotional sweet bags and the confectionery fillings and print methods available for this product range.

Sweet Jars

Information on promotional sweet jars including branding options and the confectionery fillings available for them.

Sweet Tins

Information on promotional sweets including Fairtrade options, best selling sweets and sugar free confectionery.


Information on promotional sweets including Fairtrade options, best selling sweets and sugar free confectionery.

Swizzle Sticks

Information on swizzle sticks and cocktail mixers including shapes, colours and branding options.


Information on promotional T-shirts including screen printing, environmentally friendly materials and minimum order quantities.

Tape Measures

Information tape measures including shapes, colours, print and measuring options.

Tea Bags

Information on promotional tea bags including order placement information.

Teddy Bears

Information on promotional teddy bears and teddies including delivery timescales, order placement and custom designs.

Thermos Flasks

Information on bottled thermos flasks and vacuum flasks including colours, sizes and cups.

Tissues and Wipes

Information on promotional tissues and packets of wipes including packaging branding, using sanitising products and custom shaped wet wipes.

Toiletry Bags

Information on promotional toiletry bags including clear pouch supply, leather bags and embroidery and screen printing options.

Tool Kits

Information on promotional tool kits including imprint sizes and options, samples supply and popular tool kits.


Information on promotional toothbrushes including travel toothbrush options, branding areas and plastic colour options.


Information on promotional torches including novelty torch options, branding choices and usage in marketing campaigns.


Information on promotional towels including the GSM measure for towel quality, imprint methods and golfing towel options.


Information on promotional toys including age restrictions, the popularity of plastic ducks and toy supply chain sourcing.

Travel Bags

Information on promotional travel bags including low order quantities, plain stock supply and print methods.

Travel Items

Information on promotional travel items including popular low-cost giveaways, universal adapters and pillow options.

Travel Luggage

Information on promotional travel luggage items including imprint areas, warranty periods and sample availability.

Travel Mugs

Information on promotional travel mugs including imprint areas, lead times and sample availability.

Travel Pillows

Information on travel pillows including available colours, size options and print methods.


Information on promotional trousers including materials types, branding options and pleated trouser options.

Tyre Tread Gauges

Information tyre tread gauges including shapes, colours and imprint areas.


Information on promotional umbrellas including panel and handle choices, print options and delivery timescales.

USB Car Chargers

Information on USB powered mobile phone and tablet chargers including print options, branding and colour options.

USB Hubs

Information USB hubs including ports, size and print area options.

Valentine Sweets

Information on promotional valentine sweets including why they are so popular as gifts on Valentine’s day.


Information on promotional wallets including hard wearing materials, Oyster card wallets and custom designs.

Water Bottles

Information on promotional water bottles including eco-friendly bottles, print methods and plastic and metal materials.


Information on promotional whistles including neck cord accessories, branding areas and the supply of custom and bespoke colours.

Wine Sets

Information on wine sets including accessories, print options and delivery times.

Wrapped Sweets

Information on wrapped sweets including print and wrapper options, contents and sugar-free options.


Information on promotional wristbands including printing sides, ease of use and gadget wristbands.


Information on promotional YoYos including printing sides, materials and print methods.