A Selection of The Branded Promotional Products We Supply

Redbows supplies a large range of promotional products which can be branded with your logo or supplied as plain stock items. Our branded products range from everyday marketing essentials to bespoke custom designed gifts. We feature some of our products on this website but can access far more through our global supply chain. Many of our products have small order quantities and great prices and we can supply free samples if required. Below you will see a wide range of the Promotional Products we supply but don’t hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the exact products you need as we have many thousands more within our supply chain. Just let us know exactly what you need.
























Plain Stock Merchandise or Branded Products Checklist

How do you choose the right promotional products for your campaign? Use our checklist to make sure you get the right products for your promotional campaign.

  1. Budget and Quantity: the most important financial element is to consider your budget and how to maximise this. If you have identified a particular promotional product for your campaign but it’s a little outside your budget, then consider these options. Firstly you could look to only print one colour. The more colours within an imprint the higher the unit cost if the imprint method is screen or pad printing. Secondly, consider the quantity you actually need for your campaign. Promotional product pricing is volume dependent. The trick is to identify exactly how much of a given product you actually need and then to look at the nearest quantity price break that gives you this. If you already have printer ready artwork and this does not have to be generated by the Redbows team this can also help to optimise your budget.
  2. Planning Events and Delivery Times: products can typically be supplied within a 5-10 working day lead time, with some products on an express delivery of within 24 to 72 hours. The more you can forecast your product usage into the future the greater the range of products available. Express delivery items tend to be part of a small range. Longer lead times mean that we have a wider range of both products and colour options to choose from.
  3. Marketing Campaign Theme: when you designed your marketing campaign you had a target audience in mind. You may have identified their unique profile and characteristics. It is important to choose a product that reinforces your marketing campaign message and that they are going to remember positively. Some products will have a short life once received such as promotional sweets but other such as most gadgets, bags and stationery items could be kept for many months if not years. If the recipient likes the product they will keep and use it, providing your brand with a long period of advertising and positive PR.
  4. Colour Choices: whatever your imprint it is important to choose products that offer a well-sized print area as well as a contrasting colour if your imprint is to stand out. The colour choice should also reinforce and compliment your corporate brand image. It is also important to remember that white and lighter colour products can tend to show up usage (i.e. grease, dirk etc) when used often and this can sometimes lead to them being disposed of perhaps a little quicker than you would have liked.
  5. Environment and Sustainability: we are all concerned about the environment. It is important for many organisations now to take this into account as part of their environmental and corporate social responsibility policies. Trying to reduce campaign usage by getting the right quantity and even choosing products that are made from recycled or sustainably farmed materials can help here.

Whatever you need for your campaign, the Redbows team have over a decade of experience helping clients to select the right merchandise.

Custom or Bespoke Promotional Products Made and Printed To Order

Branded Promotional Products Supplies

Put us to the test if you want something unique or custom designed products. If you cannot see what you are looking for then let us come back to you. Simply tell us a bit about your marketing objectives and what you are looking for and our team will the rest. Our marketing team can also provide in-house support for logo application, artwork formats and branding guidelines. Please feel free to contact us for any further information on our branded promotional product supplies.