How To Request Free Promotional Product Samples

Free Promotional Product Samples

Most of our promotional products can be supplied as working or dummy samples. We find that a sample can sometimes help the decision making process and are happy to supply them provided that clients sign up to our Samples Policy which is listed below. To request a sample, the easiest way is to navigate to the product you want on our website and click the Sample Request button. This will show you the policy below and after you have completed the relevant delivery information and pressed send we will receive your request to process.

Samples Policy

  1. All samples must be returned within 28 days of the despatch date or an order placed on Redbows for the complete shipment
  2. Samples not returned within 28 days of the despatch date are invoiced using the PO number or reference provided and the sales invoice is issued under our Sales Terms and Conditions QMSFMS102. The minimum charge for a sample (if not returned within 30 days) is £20.00 plus delivery plus VAT.
  3. For non-UK based companies a proforma payment is required. If the goods are returned within 28 days (or an order is placed for a complete shipment) a credit note is raised for the sample(s) only.
  4. Samples vary in their cost and availability. We may require a deposit for higher value samples and shall contact you on receipt of this form if one is required before despatch.
  5. Requests for multiple samples may require additional information before release and a deposit. If you request multiple samples please use the text box below to describe your requirements.
  6. Please contact us if you need any further information.

    Redbows Ltd policy QMSPOL005.