Promotional Giveaways

Branded giveaways are ideal low-cost items to use for mass marketing campaigns to promote your organisations. Ideal uses include exhibitions, seminars, roadshows and conferences or large mailings to your client or prospects databases. We have a wide range of giveaways and if you cannot find the giveaway you need for your promotion please contact us. We can source thousands of giveaways and also have the facilities to supply bespoke or custom design giveaways to your unique design.

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Marketing Giveaways

Well if you are on this page of the Redbows website you must be looking for giveaways for your marketing campaign. Don’t worry you have found a leading source of promotional products that can be used for a range of marketing campaigns and promotions. We have literally over 20,000 different products within our supply chain and show here a few of the giveaways you could consider for your campaign.

Our product range is so extensive that we have supplied thousands of clients across many different markets and sectors over the years, Our products have been used by corporate clients, sports clubs, charities, schools, colleges, universities, small private companies and large manufacturing organisations. We have attended fashion shoots with our giveaways as well as seminars and even been used on magazine front covers.

We provide a complete personalised service and can provide printing in many forms from single colour screen prints, to full colour and digital printing, embossing, de-embossing and even engraving when it comes to metal and leather products. Don’t just think about printing your logo and web address though. With full colour printing we can look to generate complete photos and pictures on your chosen products.

If you need samples, then just ask. We always have samples around the office and warehouse of products we have printed for other clients and are always happy to send out examples of the work done. You can also check out our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for examples of our work. We also show examples on our YouTube channel.

Need products in a hurry? No problem everyone does and it is we are specialist in fast turnaround and express delivery promotional items. We can work to most last minute deadlines. The usual delivery lead time is 5-10 working days but we have several giveaway items on 3 days and some on 24-48 hour express delivery. We can deliver to any location within a very short time frame and have even delivered same day to meet exhibition deadlines.

If you have ordered from us before we always hold your artwork on file and have done so for every client going back over 10 years. If we hold the artwork we usually apply a discount for repeat orders and reduce origination charges. It also means it easy to re-order from us or apply your artwork to a new promotional item. As we hold artwork in vector file format we can also amend it easily for you.

This is one of the benefits of having our own in-house design team. We can turn around client enquiries for visuals, repeat orders and new client orders very quickly. We take the hassle out of the whole process and make sure that your goods are printed exactly as you want them, matching Pantone colour references and ensuring everything is at is should be.

We are always available for a quick chat if you need advice for your campaign. We operate a virtual showroom in our website and can if required visit your office to make a presentation on giveaway items and why they are one of the strongest promotional methods you can use.When we visit we will leave samples for you to consider and show around your company.

The thing is that marketing giveaways are quite simply one of the best ways to promote a company. We can brand them with your imprint in a variety of ways always recommend choosing a giveaway that will be remembered and treasured. This is the best type of marketing you can do as you not only advertising your brand whether it’s for a business, public sector organisation or charity.

If you’re looking for ideas then a website is full of them. We can also send you a printed catalogue that you can use to show your colleagues and if an advertising or publicity agency then your clients. If you need them we can also generate virtual visuals and mood-type boards showing how your imprint and logo will look on a selection of giveaway items.

One thing our buying power and years in the industry give us the chance to compete and we just won’t be beaten on price for a like for like product. That’s our Price Match guarantee. Just send us a competitor price and we will be sure to beat it. You just won’t find anyone as competitive as Redbows in the promotional merchandise industry. We look to get new clients on board and then retain them through product and service excellence. There simply isn’t a more consistently high service orientated company in the promotional industry.

Branded giveaways produce consistently successful results. No matter what the industry, market segment or sector. Most giveaways are kept for 1-2 years or even longer. Some are kept in view and others only brought out when needed. The point is that they are kept and their advertising potential and powerful message can run for months and years to come.

When you have had time to review the giveaways in this collection, simply give us a call or send us an email or enquiry with your artwork and let us show you how powerful promotional merchandise and giveaways like these, branded with your logo can be. We are sure that you will be extremely pleased with the results and return to us for a re-order for many years to come. That’s our experience. We know you’ll just love our branded giveaway items

What’s involved in a bespoke design? The first thing to cover is what we mean by standard product. This will be a product is produced on a regular basis and does not vary in terms of its form or function. There may be different base colours such as a plastic part changing colour to meet an order but there is no difference between one colour version of an item or another.

This type of standard item may be manufactured and stocked in a warehouse as plain stock and is then branded with an imprint and logo when required to create a personalised product.

A bespoke or custom item is different. This is a product manufactured specifically for a client and to their exact specification. No other client will be able to order the product for their own use as it is produce specifically for a project. There may be an exception to this if the original client grants wider usage and this can happen in order to achieve a lower unit cost and charges.

For a bespoke product the additional charges made will cover design and potentially tooling if a specific mould, jig or some other form of manufacturing tool is required. The unit costs will also generally be higher than with a standard product because of two issues. Firstly the volume of production and secondly the amortisation of the original design and tooling costs over a wider volume and production quantity.

Custom or bespoke products can work well and the best we have done so far in the history of the company is a speed camera stress shape. This saw us take delivery of an actual speed camera at our offices from which we had to generate a 3D CAD drawing from which to make a mould to manufacture the stress reliever. Nothing is impossible in the world of bespoke merchandise.