Promotional Gadgets

Promotional gadgets are a great way to promote your organisation or business. Get the selection right and you can be sure that your promotional gadget will be used almost everyday and kept just because it is so useful to the recipient. That’s the key to gadgets, match them to a specific product or need such as a Power Bank battery booster for an iPhone. We find that the most useful gadgets are kept for years to come and have known some be kept for twenty years or more. They make the most perfect of promotional gifts.

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Choose Redbows For Your Gadgets

We have one of the most extensive ranges of gadgets available that can all be personalised with your imprinted logo and marketing message or supplied as plain stock. For large quantity orders we can provide custom products to your exact specification. Custom flash drives with moulded cases to match your brand identify are a good example. Some gadgets can also be Pantone colour matched.

Call us today to find out how promotional gadgets can help to promote your organisation or business and keep your organisation’s logo in front of your clients. Sample gadgets are available on request. We can let you know which of our best selling gadgets will meet your budget and quantity requirements.

Technology Based Gifts

Gadgets are a technology based promotional item. They advertise your business and can reach a wide range of customers and potential clients. They promote your brand for their entire life and the trick is to find promotional gadgets that meet a client need and will be kept for a long period of time due to their usefulness and/or novelty. With the right imprint gadgets become very powerful promotional tools and we always recommend you include your logo, website name and main contact number.

When considering technology promotions electronic gadgets are one of the most sought after. Those that provide an immediate need for a mobile phone or computer tablet user are ideal. Battery banks and boosters are ideal. Cases and covers are also a great way to promote your organisation in the form of iPad covers or iPhone shells or cases. Other mobile phone related items include earphones or mobile phone stands.

Whatever the gadgets chosen, the right ones will meet a specific client need. The best promotional gadgets are those that are used time and time again both in work and when outside work. USB flash drives are another classic example.

Promoting Your Business With Branded Gadgets

Promoting your business or brand with printed promotional gadgets is easy. Just send us your logo and contact information and your chosen product. We will then send you a visual mock-up to show your how everything will look. The visuals are to scale and will accurately match what the final product will look like.

Useful Marketing Tips

Once you have selected the right gadget for your promotion, we can help you turn this into a continuous advertising campaign that makes the most of your marketing, brand and logo. Here are some useful tips to consider:

  • Select colours that compliment your logo and give impact
  • White space works! You don’t have to always fill the imprint area and it could be small
  • Design an imprint layout that compliments your logo and product style
  • Choose a gadget with an imprint area that matches your logo orientation; portrait or landscape
  • Check your contact details; contact number and website address work best

Artwork Service

Redbows provides a complete artwork service. Send us a rough layout and/or logo and we will show you how your imprint will work on your chosen calendar.