Email Marketing

Successful email marketing is both an art and a science. Sound research of the target market segment, combined with a great mailer (e-shots or newsletters), with copy, and a call to action, distributed to a properly sourced and controlled mailing list will deliver results.

Email marketing is growing in its popularity as a way to reach both existing and potential customers. Existing clients can benefit from a company newsletter or e-shot informing them of a new product or service feature or client case study. Prospective clients can be taken to a mail shot specific website landing page with specific calls to action including: request a brochure, meeting or product trial.

At Redbows Marketing we first look at your existing data sources. Does your accounting system store email addresses? Do you have a contact management system in place for clients and prospects? What is the data structure? From this we can generally generate an email target list that can be uploaded to our dedicated server and secure mailing software. We can then look to add to this bought-in prospect lists from companies with whom we have long-standing relationships for the supply of opt-in mailing prospects. At Redbows Marketing our email campaign services include:

  • Email address data collection setup and management
  • Source third party verified lists from which to email prospect clients
  • Design and content write HTML newsletters and e-shots
  • Test the mailer design for SPAM filters and browser compatibility
  • Manage your mailing lists and track your email campaigns
  • Set up specific website landing pages for the campaign to stimulate action
  • Report on the actions completed when an email is received

Redbows Marketing works with industry leading email software system and distribution provides. Email marketing can be used for a wide variety of purposes and works well within a combined marketing program to help build a database and as part of a telemarketing campaign. For more information please contact us about our email marketing programs.