FAQs - Air Fresheners

Information air fresheners including shapes, fragrances and imprint areas.

Can you supply shaped air fresheners?

We have a standard range of shapes for our air fresheners and these shapes include cars, lorries, oval, rectangle, round and star shapes. We can also supply custom shapes which are priced on application. This can be ideal if you want an air freshener in a specific size or shape such as your logo or some shape relevant to your business or organisation.

What fragrances are available?

We supply a wide range of fragrances and if the one you want is not listed please let us know. Typical fragrances include: honeydew melon with strawberry and peach syrup, coconut with forest fruits, geranium with jasmine and amber, satsuma fruit, tropical fruit, cologne, floral, lotus flower with sweet bergamot, manderin or soft dewy rose, lemon citrus, fresh spa, floral spices with amber or clove and fruit explosions including blackberries, redcurrants, strawberries and raspberries.

How do these air fresheners work?

These air fresheners rely on a slow release of the molecules into the environment. The air fresheners will lose their fragrance strength over time and this provides an ideal opportunity for replacements.

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