FAQs - Artwork

Information on artwork issues including file types and how we can convert them into the type we need for your imprint.

Can you generate artwork from a scanned image?

Our studio design team are very skilled and can generate artwork from a scan of your logo. Just send this to us by email and our team should be able to generate a Vector-type file for you.

Do you provide free of charge visuals?

We most certainly do and are a firm believer that a picture speaks a thousand words.

Our design team is very adept at producing visuals showing you how your artwork will look on a particular product. They will scale your imprint into the print area available on a product and advise if you can increase the content or need to reduce it.

Use our enquiry form to send us your artwork for a visual or email design[@]redbows.co.uk.

What type of file do you need?

We really want want is called a Vector file and in an .EPS or .PDF format. This is because it is a mathematically sized image that can be scaled up or down without losing resolution. If you can only provide a .JPEG (JPG) or .PNG file we can convert this into an .EPS file we can use for you.

Refer to our Artwork Guide

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