FAQs - Calculators

Information on promotional calculators including battery and solar powered options, packaging and express delivery options.

Battery or solar powered?

We supply both solar powered and battery power calculators. Solar powered calculators may be considered more eco-friendly but may not be as practical as battery powered calculators.

How are calculators packed for shipping?

Our calculators come in individual packing, normally in a bubble wrap inside a cardboard outer. The calculators are then packed in quantity into boxes for shipping. The individual packs protect the calculators both in transit and during distribution.

How fast can you deliver express calculators?

When you order calculators in quantity we may ship from UK stocks or if there is a long enough lead time have them manufactured and imported to the UK. Express delivery calculators are shipped from our UK stock and can be delivered within 1-3 working days dependent on artwork availability and sign-off.

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