FAQs - Catalogues

Information on the catalogues and brochures available from Redbows in both hard copy paper and electronic format.

Does your catalogue feature all your products?

The simple answer to this is no because we have several thousand in our supply chain and also specialise in sourcing for client campaigns as well a manufacturing custom and bespoke products. The catalogue provides a selection from our most popular and standard giveaway ranges.

Can I get a printed catalogue?

We do issue a printed catalogue which is ideal if you want to see a general selection of our best sellers. This can also be viewed online as an ‘flip n turn’ version.

For a printed copy call us on 0800 158 3080 or complete our enquiry form.

See our website for links to our electronic catalogues.

Do you have online catalogues?

Yes we have a selection of ‘flip n turn’ catalogues that can be very useful for meetings and presentations using tablets and laptops.

The catalogues are online and are of two types. Firstly we have general electronic versions of our standard catalogues. See: Redbows catalogues on line

Secondly we have product specific catalogues for categories such as pens, mugs and awards.

For any links please call us on 0800 158 3080.

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