FAQs - Ceramic Mugs

Information on promotional ceramic mugs including earthenware and options for printing, packaging and branding wraps.

Why do ceramic mugs have a rim on the base?

On the base of a ceramic, porcelain or bone china mug there is always a thin rim. This stops the mug from tipping when placed onto a flat surface but also helps to retain the heat of the liquid inside the mug. The rim surface area that comes into contact with a table top is smaller than would be the case if the mug had no rim and a totally flat base.

How are mugs packed?

When we ship branded ceramic mugs they can be packed into individual cartons or packed into a larger carton with a cardboard separator to protect the mugs during transit. For large quantities, the boxes of mugs may be strapped to a pallet and shrink wrapped.

Can you Pantone match a mug?

The mugs we supply come in range of colours and may have a coloured exterior as well as offer a white or coloured interior. If you want a specific Pantone colour we should be able to source this as a specific glaze colour through our supply chain.

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