FAQs - Chocolate Coins

Information on promotional chocolate coins including sizes, foils and chocolate types available.

What artwork do you need for promotional chocolate coins?

All we need is your logo and any other text that you want to be included into the chocolate mould. We can then generate a vector file for our chocolate manufacturing team which will make your bespoke chocolates.

What are promotional chocolate coins made from?

The traditional chocolate for a coin is milk chocolate but we can also look to provide chocolate coins with dark, white and sugar-free chocolate as well as Fair Trade varieties. For these we may need to consider a larger manufacturing volume to ensure an economic unit price.

Do chocolate coins store well?

If you do have to store chocolates we recommend that they are stored in a cool environment, out of sunlight and away from humid areas. The chocolates we supply have a 3-6 months shelf life if they are stored correctly but we prefer that they are consumed within a shorter time frame to ensure their freshness and taste.

Can you supply the coins in net bags?

We do supply chocolate coins in net bags and can supply these with a personalised tag and this type of chocolate giveaway is a best seller at Christmas. We can also supply ribbons to turn the coins into chocolate medallion.

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