FAQs - Coasters

Information on promotional coasters including plastic, ceramic, glass and paper coasters covering durability, heat resistance and eco-friendly versions.

How long will coasters last?

Glass coasters may be the most hardwearing coaster available because they can take very hot mugs and cups. Remember that coasters made from rubber and plastics may be less tolerant of heat. A good plastic coaster should last for years and only need the occasional clean which can be done with damp cloth.

Do you offer heat resistant coasters?

Mugs and cups with a hot water inside will radiate heat through their base into the coaster. Some of less rigid coasters may not be suitable for very hot items. More rigid plastics and rubber materials tend to be more tolerant. Please check the specifications for each product or contact us if you specifically want a high-heat resistance coaster.

Can you supply eco-friendly coasters?

Environmentally friendly coasters tend to be made from recycled plastics and are available from our Eco range of products. An eco-friendly plastic coaster will last as long as a normal plastic coaster and take an imprint as well. The cost for a recycled eco-friendly coaster will be comparative to a typical plastic coaster.

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