FAQs - Compasses

Information on promotional compasses including usage in marketing campaigns, colour options and combination with other gadgets.

What campaigns would use a branded compass?

Travel related are an obvious answer but also we have found ourselves supplying compasses for campaigns aimed at improving well being and mental health through Feng Shui. Using the compass and a Feng Shui chart can help to organise a person’s office or home environment for health, wealth and career successful for example.

Do you supply other colours?

Yes we have an extensive range and supply a wide range of colours when it comes to compasses. Please let us know what colour you are interested in and we can see if we can supply a close match or even a Pantone colour matched compass body.

Do you supply compass combination gadgets?

Yes we do. We have standard compasses for branding as well as novelty compasses and combination products suitable for a wide range of marketing campaigns. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

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