FAQs - Computer Accessories

Information on promotional computer accessories including USB hub choices, lowest-cost giveaways and novelty product options.

What are USB hubs?

USB hubs take a single USB cable and from this provide a number of additional connections. USB hubs are great giveaway gadget for people who need to connect multiple devices to a single USB connection and provide a large branding and imprint area.

What is an example of a low-cost giveaway gadget?

Useful computer gadgets that have a lower unit cost and prove very popular are computer screen cleaners. It doesn’t seem to matter if you use a desk top screen, laptop, tablet or phone. A screen cleaner is a must have product and one that will be carried around in a laptop bag or kept near to hand on a desk or in a desk drawer. They also offer a great background for an imprint.

Do you supply novelty type computer gadgets?

We supply a range of novelty computer gadgets and in the summer months the most popular are USB powered fans that can be used to provide a nice breeze. We can also supply other novelty USB gadgets for other times of year including light-up trees. Please let us know if you need ideas for a USB powered gadget to use in your marketing.

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