FAQs - Computer Mice

Information on computer mice including print options, branding and colour options.

Do you supply custom-shaped computer mice?

The computer mice we supply are mass manufactured to achieve a low-unit selling price. If you wanted a bespoke computer mouse the manufacturing quantity would have to be as high to achieve similar unit prices. If you want a quotation for a bespoke computer mouse we would need to start with a design and this will allow us to discuss the moulding and design costs with our suppliers and manufacturers.

What is an optical mouse?

Generally there are two types of computer mouse. An optical mouse measures the reflection of a light the mouse shines onto the surface it is being used with. A laser mouse is another type of computer mouse and uses a laser for the same purpose. Both require a clean and stable surface on which to operate.

Do you supply wireless computer mice?

We supply both wireless and USB powered computer mice. Wireless mice require a battery set which can have a 1-2 year battery life. USB powered mice do not have a battery and are powered from a USB port on your tablet or computer. Both types of computer mouse will require a driver to be installed onto the tablet or computer and this will be supplied on a mini CD-Rom or be downloadable from the internet if your operating system cannot use a generic driver.

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