FAQs - Counter Mats

Information on promotional counter mats including sizes available, toughness and wear and custom designs.

What size counter mats can you supply?

We can supply counter mats to any size including A4, A3, A2 and A1. Custom or bespoke counter mats are also an option as we can have these designed and manufactured to your specification. For front of house and building entrances we can also supply logo printed and embroidered carpet tiles.

Are counter mats hard wearing?

Counter mats are made from a strong foam or rubber material and will last for many years if they are cleaned and looked after. Like any other product using this material, the important point is to ensure the imprint is kept clean and free of grease and dirt.

Can you supply custom or bespoke counter mats?

We have a standard range of counter mats and can supply custom shapes and bespoke sizes. These are quoted on a project by projects basis and will be made using a special cutter if the shape and size is non-standard.

Who can use Custom Counter Mats?

Counter Mats are an effective point of advertising. Perfect for restaurants, retail stores, beverage promotions, schools and motor garages. Counter Mats allow each individual to view your logo or message every time they make a purchase. We offer a large selection of counter mat options.

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