FAQs - Drinks

Information on promotional drinks and drinkware including flavours, engraving and print options and best sellers.

What are the best selling drinkware gifts?

Probably the two most popular branded gifts in our drinkware collection are water bottles and bottled water. Water bottles are so popular now with people taking part in sporting activities and needing to rehydrate. The same can be said for bottled water in that so many places now offer branded bottled water including hotels and at conferences and exhibitions.

How are tea bags branded?

We can supply branded tea bags with either a printed tag attached by a small string to the tea bag, or an outer sleeve printed with your imprint. Larger quantities of tea bags can also be supplied in branded boxes and tea tins.

Is it easy to engrave crystal tankards?

The answer is yes! Basically the process is exactly the same as with any other type of imprint. Once your artwork is accepted and signed off a laser engraving machine cut. We then pack the tankards into nice boxes with silk lining to give you a gift suitable for any occasion and one that will be treasured.

Do you supply drink sachets?

Yes, we can supply a variety of drink sachets ranging from hot chocolate sachets to coffee pillows filled with ground coffee. If you click on the tea bags collection above you can see all the drinks sachets we have on offer. We also have branded soup boxes and winter warmer packs for those looking for a nice set to give out to clients.

What tea bag flavours do you offer?

We can supply Green Tea, Lemon and Ginger, Peppermint, Chamomile, Apple and Cinnamon or Fruit tea, all available branded with your imprint or logo. Along with these fantastic flavours we can also supply a standard Tetley Tea Bag in a branded envelope. Simply visit our Tea Bags and Drinks Sachets Collection for product information and prices.

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a very technical process that often requires a computer to drive the laser head. The laser is then guided to mark or engrave the product. This technique can provide a very sophisticated and professional look. Bottle Openers are not the only item that can be engraved. Certain Pens, thermal bottles, keyrings and awards also offer this technique.

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