FAQs - Earphones

Information on promotional earphones including branding methods, Pantone colours and alternative jack plugs.

How do you brand earphones?

The imprint is normally applied to the outer case the earphones or headsets are supplied in. If there are further branding options these are shown on the individual product specifications pages.

Can you supply colour match earphones?

The earphones we supply are available in a standard range of general colours as shown on each individual product page. It may be possible to colour match and even to Pantone colour match but this could require a bespoke manufacturing run for the plastic or we may be able to source a matching earphone set from our supply chain. Please let us know the colour you need and our sourcing team will look into this for you.

Do you offer alternative earphone jack plugs?

The jack plug supplied with each earphone is shown on the specification page. If you need to connect to a manufacturer specific socket such as an iPhone or Samsung phone then you may need an adapter which we can also look to supply.

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