FAQs - Easter Products

Information on promotional Easter Products including Easter Eggs, chocolates and other types of confectionery that can be use for Easter promotions.

What are Branded Easter Eggs?

Promotional Easter Eggs are chocolate Easter Eggs branded with your logo or imprint. Usually supplied in a box or with a branded tag or ribbon depending on the product. Available in 18g, 30g, 55g or 100g sizes in a box or as mini eggs in organza bags, tubes, boxes or tubs. Cubes of Mini Eggs and 100g Easter Eggs are great items to send out to clients this Easter.

What is the lead time for Easter confectionery?

Easter delivery dates typically range from 7 to 20 working days. We have a wide variety of Easter products with express and standard delivery. Use the filter buttons on the Easter page to select the delivery time that best suits your needs. Promotional Easter Bugs are available with faster delivery times from 5 working days. Large pouches filled with foil wrapped milk chocolate eggs are possibly available from as little as 7 working days.

How can I brand my Easter eggs?

Branding techniques include digital printing and pad printing. Branded Easter Eggs offer excellent print areas on the outside packaging. Simply choose from our Easter stock designs or create one of your own to be printed on the outside of the box. Branding is available in up to 4 colours or full colour imprint. Amplify your eye-catching design with full colour printing to enhance the overall look of your Easter products.

What products to send out for Easter?

If your searching for Easter products, the best items are ones you might not think of – chocolate Easter eggs. Most associate chocolate Easter eggs with supermarkets but we can brand these with your logo. We supply a wide range of Easter Eggs in a variety of sizes including 18g, 30g, 55g and 100g with milk or dark chocolate, different packaging and branding options.

When is the deadline for Easter products?

A select number of products including the 18g, 30g and 100g chocolate Easter eggs have a deadline date of the 8th March. This allows our production team sufficient time to print and produce your products. It is best to get your orders in as soon as possible to guarantee delivery. An express charge may be applied to late orders. Please note this does not apply to all products.

Why do we have eggs at Easter?

During Lent, eggs, milk and meat were banned by the church. Preserving food during this time proved difficult. Unlike meat and dairy, eggs do not perish quickly. Therefore they were the obvious choice for breaking the fast on Easter Sunday. Decorating and presenting eggs became a popular custom because of the surplus that would exist by Easter.

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