FAQs - Eco Products

Information on promotional eco gifts and what makes them different to other promotional merchandise, recycling and supplying.

How are eco friendly gifts different to standard products?

When you visit the Eco section of our website you will see some of the merchandise we can supply which we classify as environmentally friendly or ‘Eco’ for short. The products are either made from reclaimed or recycled materials or manufactured from organically farm materials. Examples include plastic water bottles and wooden pens.

How environmentally friendly are eco gifts?

For a product to feature in our Eco collection it must have an element that is environmentally friendly. This can range from being made from recycles materials to being manufactured from materials that have been grown in an eco friendly way such as cotton. Even more for our cotton bags the cotton may be unbleached to add another green element.

Can eco-friendly gifts be recycled?

Yes. Any of the eco gifts we supply can be recycled through standard waste streams including plastics, metals and cloth materials. Eco gifts are therefore the most environmentally friendly merchandise available, made from recycled or organic materials and suitable for end of life recycling themselves.

Do you supply ECO notebooks?

We can certainly supply notebooks made from eco-friendly materials. Some selections even come with a matching eco pen attached to a pen loop. This is especially handy if your after a pack to give out to clients while at exhibitions or events as the items are attached securely together.

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