FAQs - Eco Friendly Coasters

Information on eco friendly coasters that can be used for marketing campaigns wanting an environmentally friendly promotional product.

What materials are your eco friendly coasters made from?

There are various materials used for the eco coasters we supply. The exact details will be described on each product page. Typical examples include recycled plastics, car tyres and paper as well as natural and sustainably farmed sources including wood and bamboo.

How hard wearing are eco coasters?

In our experience an eco coaster will wear just as well as a standard material product provided it is not treated to extreme treatment. This is the standard care you would place on any type of coaster and would include not placing a hot pan for example on a plastic item to avoid melting.

Are custom designs available?

We can supply custom or bespoke eco coasters as a project but please keep in mind that the manufacturing quantity has to be large enough to absorb the overhead of any special tools and also to achieve a low enough unit cost to be economically viable.

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