FAQs - Eco Friendly Mouse Mats

Information on eco friendly mouse mats that can be used for desktop promotions requiring an environmentally friendly theme.

What recycled materails can you supply for eco mouse mats?

The primary material that we make most of our eco mouse mats from is recycled car and lorry tyres.

Can you recycle mouse mats?

You can recycle mouse mats through a recycling centre. If you have a lot of old mouse mats in your office the best thing to do is to bag them up and take them along to your local waste handler or put into your recycling bin. They will then be sorted and put into the appropriate waste stream from which materials will be extracted for recycling.

What colour eco mouse mats are available?

The primary colour for recycled eco mouse mat is black and so you need to use artwork that can provide a good contrast to a dark colour background. This means either using a reverse or negative of your logo or having bright colours that will stand out on the background.

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