FAQs - Eco Friendly Mugs

Information on eco friendly mugs made from recycled materials and for use in environmentally friendly promotions.

What materials are your eco mugs made from?

The most common material is recycled or reclaimed plastic but we can also supply eco mugs made from sustainably sourced materials including bamboo. The most popular material is however plastic, as this is available in larger quantities and makes use of a material already in the supply chain.

Can Eco Mugs with stand the same temperature as other plastic mugs?

The answer to this is yes but we would caution against pouring boiling water straight into any plastic container. It’s always best cool the base with milk or a little cold water first and then this can mix with the hot water as it is poured in. In extreme cases of prolonged boiling water being poured into any plastic container, you can sometimes see evidence of plastic bubbling and so this is to be avoided.

What colour eco mugs are available?

You will find a wide selection of plastic eco mug colours available. Simply pick your style and the colours available will be shown on the product page.

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