FAQs - Eco Friendly Paper Pads

Information on eco friendly paper pads made from recycled and sustainable materials and for use as environmentally friendly promotional merchandise.

How is paper recycled into new note and paper pads?

When paper is received at a recycling plant is separated into separate waste streams for the types and grade of paper. Any inks and colours, glues, plastic films and staples are then removed using a soapy wash. This will produce a paper mash from which different products can be manufactured. These new eco paper products can include paper reams, paper pads, newspaper and cardboard.

How many colours can I print on an eco paper pad?

The choice of colours for an imprint is the same as standard paper product. Most clients choose to go for one or two colours to print onto an eco paper product in order to fit in with an environmentally friendly theme. This is more protective of the environment than the use of multiple coloured inks.

Can you supply custom eco paper pads?

We do offer a very extensive range of paper pads and can print on the cover and sheets but if you want a custom shape please remember that this will mean a custom shaped tool which can be expensive. To make a custom shape economically viable, we need to ensure the production run is large enough to make a low unit cost.

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