FAQs - Energy Drinks

Information on branded energy drinks and cans including print options, lead times and contents.

What types of energy drink do you supply?

We offer a range of energy drinks including coffees and fizzy energy boosting drinks with different flavours including alcohol and sugar-free options.

How can you brand an energy drink can?

The cans may provide a single imprint area on the can body or a full colour body wrap. This will be shown on the individual product specifications. A full body print can give the most impact but this is dependent on how good the artwork is. A smaller impact on the body can have as strong an impact if there is a good colour combination between the body and the logo colours.

How long can the energy drinks be stored for?

Most energy drinks will have a 12-18months shelf life if stored with consideration given to the temperature and ambient environment and if kept out of direct sunlight. Products do vary dependent upon contents.

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