FAQs - Flash Drives and Memory Sticks

Information on promotional flash drives and memory sticks including popular models, memory chip types and novelty shapes.

Do memory chips vary in their quality?

Memory chips are graded in their quality and you can find low-cost flashdrives where the chips used have been rejected for use in computer and PCs but are considered suitable for memory sticks. We work with quality suppliers who ensure our flashdrives use the highest grade possible.

Can you supply novelty shaped flash drives?

We supply a rubber cased flash drive where the rubber base can be made to a mold of your company logo or any other shape relating to your marketing campaign. All we need is an outline of what you want from the custom flash drive project and we can cost this up as an option for you. Lead times for bespoke flash drives are longer than for off-the-shelf ones but the impact can be greater and of course the flash drive will be unique.

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