FAQs - Giveaways

Information on promotional giveaways and fun items covering typical questions and information for this product type.

Is pricing volume sensitive?

Yes and especially with giveaway promotional gifts. With giveaway merchandise our clients are looking for a low-unit cost to maximise their budgets and get the biggest possible quantity of products. The more giveaway items are purchased the more the price falls. This is because once a manufacturing or printing machine is set up to run, the longer it runs for, the greater the quantity standard set-up charges can be spread over. Material costs also fall with volume.

Why can colours vary for the same RAL or PMS number?

The answer is that materials and their print surfaces vary. You could have two products, a plastic tag and metal case both to the same RAL number. As the surfaces have different surfaces and reflect light differently, the colours can look different when in fact they are the same.

Do you offer custom giveaways?

We provide a wide selection of giveaway merchandise but can also have products manufactured to your custom or bespoke specification. One of the most memorable we have done is a speed camera stress shape which involved an actual speed camera being delivered to our offices so our artwork team could create a 3D model.

What shaped awards do you supply?

We can offer standard shapes such as Heptagonal and Rectangle or more unique shapes such as a Star or Teardrop. All awards can be personalised with your message and logo to help make your event special.

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