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Information on promotional gadgets including memory price variations, reliability, power bank charging times and branding options.

Why do flash drive prices vary so much?

There are two key drivers when it comes to flash drives or USB memory sticks as they are also known. The first is that they are general priced in US$ and the UK£ sterling to dollar exchange rate can fluctuate quite a bit. Also for large quantities prices can be reduced by placing orders directly on a Far East supplier as a bulk order. For smaller quantities are suppliers generally hold stock onto which we have your imprint/logo applied.

How reliable are USB flash drives?

This all comes down to the quality of the computer memory chips used. Computer memory chips are graded for quality and ideally you want the grade to be as high as those you would find in your desktop PC, tablet or office file server. Sometimes manufacturer uses lower grade memory chips to get the price of their flash drives down. These are memory chips rated as not suitable for use in a computer device and their long term reliability may therefore be suspect.

How long does it take to charge power banks?

Power banks are one of the most popular promotional gadgets available and are a great giveaway item. The batteries within a power bank use lithium-ion technology of the same type found in a mobile phone. The recharge times are therefore very similar but this depend on the actual Ampere-hour (Ah) rating of the battery. The larger the battery Ah, the longer the recharge time.

Do you offer custom shaped flashdrives?

For large quantity orders we can supply products custom to your exact specification. We can create a design unique to your company with custom flash drives with moulded cases to match your brand. We can also offer a pantone colour match service on selected gadgets.

What branding techniques are available on Flashdrives?

The branding techniques available on flashdrives include screen-printing and laser printing. However, the technique used is very much dependent on the product chosen and its case material. For this reason, some flashdrives can only be printed in up to 1 colour in laser engraving. While others can be printed in full colour with your design or imprint.

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