FAQs - Golfing Merchandise

Information on promotional golfing merchandise including total supply for a golfing event including prizes, pin flags and banners, gift packs and branding options.

Can you supply products for a complete golfing event?

We can supply individual items or complete packages for golf events. Our complete packages have include a mixture of branded golfing items including evening awards. We have also supplied pop-up banners and even branded flag tees and signage for events. Sometimes it is nice to turn certain holes into individual competitions especially Par 3s where you can hold a nearest the pin on the tee-shot.

What are the best packs to offer?

This does depend on your budget and how long you want the golfing items to last. We can supply golf balls and tees and you can imagine that these are going to get used on the day or not long thereafter. Alternatively, golf towels and pitch forks may be kept for many golfing seasons.

Is it easy to brand golf balls?

Yes, golf balls and golf tees are one of the most popular items to brand. We normally print a one position imprint on a golf ball and tee and can also offer printing on the boxes and packaging used. Providing a box of balls doesn’t necessarily imply that the golfer is a poor one but does guarantee that they will take the box away and use the remaining balls in due course.

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