FAQs - Heat Packs

Information on promotional heat packs including how hand warmers work, how they help muscles and joints and branding methods.

How do hand warmers generate heat?

Hand warmers and packs rely on an exothermic reaction which is one which occurs when two chemicals or substances come into contact with each other to produce heat. Heat packs can generally be reset by placing hot water. Please refer to the individual heat pack products for more information and always follow the instructions.

How do hot packs help muscles?

When you activate a hot pack you can then apply the product to a muscle. The heat will help to dilate blood vessels and promote blood flow which will help to relax tightened muscles and promote healing. Always refer to the instructions supplied with a heat pack for more detailed advice and any precautionary measures that should be taken.

How can you brand a hand warmer?

The hand warmers we supply have a defined imprint area or allow us to print the entire area of the pack product itself. Please refer the individual products for more details on print areas and methods.

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