FAQs - Hip Flasks

Information on branded hip flasks including case sizes, case covers and sizes.

What print options are available for hip flasks?

Pad printing and engraving are the most used print methods for logos and imprints. Where the hip flask comes in a leather or leatherette type case the logo can logo can also be applied with an embossing process. This gives a raised 3D type effect to the logo.

Are hip flasks leak proof?

These hip flasks are leak proof and have a sealing cap that when secured in place will prevent the liquid inside from spilling or leaking. The cap is typically a screw down top and may be attached to the hip flask to prevent it going missing.

What metals are hip flasks made from?

We supply hip flasks made from stainless steel, aluminium and metallic alloys. These types of metal are approved for carrying liquids and as well as being long lasting provide a suitable material onto which to print a logo using pad or screen printing.

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