FAQs - Ice Scrapers

Information on promotional ice scrapers including custom designs, imprint methods and delivery timescales.

Do you offer custom shaped ice scrapers?

We can look to manufacture a custom or bespoke shaped ice scraper and for this will need a design to discuss with our manufacturer. Please remember that a custom ice scraper will be on a longer lead time than a standard off-the-shelf design.

How do you apply an imprint to an ice scraper?

The most common method is to use screen printing. This is a perfectly acceptable print method for one or two colours and we have used this many different projects.

When is the best time of year to order promotional ice scrapers?

The best time for a project like this is on September to October and before the weather starts to turn. This may seem a little early but if you want your ice scraper to be kept and used you want to get it into the hands of our clients early enough in the winter season and before the early morning ice shows.

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