FAQs - Lifestyle Products

Information on promotional lifestyle products including sourcing and branding options.

What are Lifestyle products?

Lifestyle products are items generally used in the kitchen, office or for use at special events or exhibitions. We can supply branded catering items including cake boxes and food containers, kitchen items such as pizza slices and even branded BBQ items. Products like this are becoming increasingly popular due to their wide applications and general use.

Can you source lifestyle products?

Our supply chain is very extensive and we can source a variety of novelty and every day merchandise for branding with your imprint and use within a promotional campaign. Lifestyle type products tend to be more expensive than traditional giveaways.

What branding options do lifestyle products have?

The branding options will be product specific but in general we can say that we can apply an imprint to a lifestyle product either directly onto the product itself or its packaging. Onto the product is the best form of branding as this will show your imprint for longer as packing is generally thrown away once used.

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