FAQs - Lollipops

Information on promotional lollipops covering packaging, shape, size and imprint options.

What lollipop branding options are available?

The way we apply your logo imprint depends on the product itself and its packaging. For a logo lolly we can apply the imprint as an embossed logo through the moulding used to manufacture the lollipop. For others the imprint is applied to the product packaging.

Do you offer custom or bespoke lollies?

If you are looking for a unique lolly then we can look at a bespoke project for you. This will involve design and tooling in the form of a mould and the costs for these must have a large enough manufacturing run in order for them not to be excessive as you will want the lowest unit price possible. Please contact us if you would like us to look at a custom project for you.

Do lollies store well for long periods?

We always recommend that you order a sufficient quantity of lollies for your promotional campaign and avoid excess stocks. If you do need to store the products then you have to follow general food storage guidelines in making sure the products are stored in a cool environment, away from sunlight and humidity in much the same way as you would any other sweet or confectionery item. We would suggest storage of no longer than 6-12 months but please check for each individual product as they have different ingredients.

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