FAQs - Magnets

Information on promotional magnets including standard sizes and shapes, how long magnetism lasts for and heavy duty magnet options.

Are the magnetic shapes you supply from a standard range?

Yes. We can supply some standard shaped magnets. These can be relevant to your marketing campaign and audience and help to avoid the cost of a custom or bespoke shaped promotional magnet.

How long will the magnets last?

Most people don’t realise how long magnets last for in terms of their magnetism. This degrades at around 5% in every 100 years and ensure that the promotional magnet you choose for your campaign will retain its usefulness for a long time.

What is a heavy duty magnet?

Heavy duty magnets simply have a strong magnetic field than traditional magnets and can be used for larger shaped magnet blocks or shaped or to hold heavier weights in place but within reason.

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