FAQs - Marketing

An FAQ section for marketing frequently asked questions with information on typical questions and information for marketing services.

What Are Marketing Gifts?

Marketing gifts are giveaway items used within promotional campaigns that are branded with a company’s logo and sometimes other information that can include a website address, contact number, strapline and call to action.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is generally defined as a management process or function consisting of four basic elements including: Price, Product, Promotion and Place (also known as distribution). Marketing communications is therefore an element of marketing in the form of promotion. The 4Ps are referred to as the Marketing Mix. Strategic marketing is the application of marketing in a strategic manner to service a business objective.

What Does Marcoms Mean?

Marcoms stands for Marketing Communications and is often used as a short phrase by marketing professionals. The marketing mix is a set of marketing channels often used by a company or organisation as part of its marketing strategy. The Marcom or Marcomms mix will include: Direct Mail, Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations (aka PR) and Sales Promotions.

What Are Advertising Gifts?

The term ‘Advertising Gifts’ refers to products branded with a client logo that are given out to clients and potential customers in order to promote a business or organisation. Advertising gifts is just one phrase that describes a range of promotional merchandise. Other terms can include promotional gifts and marketing gifts. Wikipedia gives a full over view: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Promotional_merchandise

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