FAQs - Mint Tins

Information on promotional mint tins including shapes, fillings and packaging.

Can you use mint tins as wedding favours?

Mint tins make an ideal table giveaway away for weddings and other similar events. They can be branded with the happy couples name and wedding date and provide people with a cooling after dinner mint for the evenings festivities ahead. What a great but simple memento to take away from the event.

How many colours can you print onto a tin?

This depends on the print methods available for the mint tins. Most will use a screen print leading to a one ore more colour imprint. Some mint tins can have a digital imprint allowing full colour photograph type imprint.

How are mint tins packed for delivery?

We generally pack the mint tins once printed into a larger cardboard box which is then used to protect the tins during delivery. So if you order a larger quantity of mint tins we will deliver a number of cardboard boxes. For large orders these may be further packed into a larger box or for very large deliveries we may even put the boxes onto a pallet and shrink wrap this for added protection.

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