FAQs - Mobile Phone Stylus

Information on mobile phone stylus with options for branding, different sizes and lead times.

How does a phone stylus work?

The part of the stylus that touches the capacitive screen is a rubber or conductive foam that replicates a finger and its capacitance (electrical charge) on the screen. As the stylus touches the screen or moves around it, the screen responds in the same way as if a finger or thumb was being used. Stylus devices provide a functional way to tap information into a mobile or tablet or computer screen and select programs and functions.

Where do you print on a phone stylus?

The phone stylus body is the most common place to place an imprint. Different stylus options have different body shapes and sizes allowing for a choice dependent upon budget and the size of imprint required.

Will the imprint be hard wearing and last?

The phone stylus will be printed using a pad or screen printing technique. This will seal the imprint onto the body of the stylus and be hard wearing provided it is not scratched or damaged.

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