FAQs - Mobile/USB Gadgets

Information on promotional mobile phone and USB gadgets including why memory stick and flash drives prices vary so often and branding options.

What is a power bank?

Power banks are one of the hottest products as they provide extra power for mobile phones. Simply charge up your power bank using a USB cable or plug into a socket and then take the power bank with you. As soon as your mobile phone battery starts to go low, simply plug in your power bank to boost it back up. Power banks can also be used with tablet computers.

Why do memory stick prices vary each day?

Memory sticks are typically priced in US$ by the manufacturers and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The quality of the memory chips in memory sticks also varies. Cheap memory sticks can also mean lower grade memory chips being used and the type that has been rejected for use in computing products. Food for thought if you want to use a memory stick to store important data.

What branding options are there for mobile phone chargers?

Mobile phone charges are a must have accessories for anyone who has to rely on their mobile phone. Our small plug in mobile phone chargers are ideal giveaway accessories and will be seen every time someone has to charge their mobile phone. The branding options are relatively limited on these products as they have small imprint areas (on the barrel or front facia) but they are devices that will get seen daily.

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