FAQs - Mouse Mats

Information on promotional mouse mats including samples for evaluation, delivery options and mat thickness choices.

Do you supply sample mouse mats?

Yes we do. Just click on any of the mouse mats below and then use the Sample Request button to request a free sample mouse mat. We have such a large range of mouse mats that sometimes it is best to see the actual mouse mat in real life before you place your order. This could give you a better appreciation of its thickness, weight, size and flexibility. We do provide custom one-off printed samples if you need to see how your artwork will look on a particular mouse mat and we can also design and print custom mouse mats to your design.

The best mouse mats for mice

You would expect any mouse mat to be good enough to use with any type of mouse but some are better than others. In very specific departments like graphic design or engineering you may be using optical mice which use an optical LED to position the mouse cursor on a screen. In this instance always look for an ‘optical friendly’ mouse mat i.e. one suitable for optical mice. This will give the best possible control and positioning.

Delivery options

We normally deliver your order to a single address but if you need your mouse mat order delivering to multiple addresses our fulfilment and logistics team can handle this for you. This can be ideal for orders for corporate companies with multiple offices or any other type of organisation with multiple offices or contacts. If you need mouse mats printed in a hurry our express delivery mouse mats are available on a 24-48hour print and delivery service. All we need is your artwork and we are good to go!

Why do mouse mats differ in thickness?

We supply a wide range of mouse mats. Some are hard backed and soft foam backed and some are made ultra thin and others from thicker material. The thinner the mouse mat the lower the unit cost and weight for postage and shipping. Hard backed mouse mats are more durable and better for use with optical mice.

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